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Menglinuoya Technology co,.Ltd(MLNYTECH) is a dynamic engineering company, open to challenges of technological innovation. We provide the Customer with excellent know-how and skills that allow us to tackle projects with systemic approach: customized electronic design, software development with programming languages of any level, smart design, cloud computing, and manufacturing. We manage the Projects in a an adaptive way that allow us to cope with any changes: requirement, technology, logistic, ... No matter if it is a new product or an old one that need improvement, we are ready to intervene at any stage of the product life cycle.

We believe that product success reside in the safe delivery to market on time, on budget, and with the most appropriate quality.

Our Services

Engineering support and project management

As early as feasbility study, our engineers and project managers will be involved and work with you hand in hand to shape your idea into a soldable product. We use agile and adaptive project management processes that garantee flexibility along the product lifecycle and derisk any unforeseen problems.

Product development and NPI

We use most common tools to design and develop product such as Altium designer, Kicad, Solidworks, Keil, git,... All stages transitions are subject to intesive unit level and system level validation. We conduct robust design analysis and risk evaluation at all stages.

Manufacturing and supply chain

Thanks to our partners network, we are able to manufacture the most complex products. During this stage we work closely with our suppliers oversee risks and setup all necessary measure to overcome them. We implements redundancies to garantee the safety and uninterruption of the product deliveries.

Maintenance and continuous improvement

Our team will carry on the maintenance of your product by issuing engineering changes and ensuring their implementation at all the supply chain stages. We conduct cost reduction through engineering and continues improvement of the supply chain while garanteeing no degradation on the product quality.

Our values


Inspiring trust and confidence through maintaining ethical and professional standards, saying what we mean, doing what we say, and taking responsibility for our actions. We protect our customer intellectual property.

Results Focused

Striving to deliver on our commitments with our client’s needs in mind, on time, and to the highest standard.


Fostering a collaborative way of working through information sharing, actively listening, and giving constructive challenge.


We are independent supplier, and we conduct our procurement on an objective and documented basis.

We share our customer goals

Improve quality and reliability

Through our systematic testing and validation we keep your requirements in the forefront of all the actors involved in the supply chain of your product.

Reduced supply chain risk

Through our objective and rigorous screening we help our clients to comply with CSR requirements, international corruption legislation, and increase the standards of thirdparty suppliers.

Economies of scale

As a service provider working for multiple clients, we can achieve economies of scale which a client on a standalone basis could not leverage. We accomplish this through aggregating spend across multiple customers for the same category, investing in deep category knowledge and expertise, and lastly through negotiating leverage deals with thirdparty suppliers.

Increased business engagement

A key success factor for MLNY is engaging the business stakeholders from the beginning to ensure the demand is truly understood and the design and manufacturing models aligns with the operating model.

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